Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)

by Mick O'Brien

The purpose of a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (also known as a  PEEP) is to provide people who cannot get themselves out of a building unaided with any information and assistance necessary to be able to manage their escape to a place of safety.

We are all required to conform to current legislation, specific guidance on how to pro–actively manage our own Fire Safety including those that we may need to assist in evacuations.  We are required not only to take care of our employees, but also our visitors, and those who may come into contact with our actions.

Managing those with disabilities, be it permanent or temporary (broken leg or ankle!) is essential in the first few minutes of an evacuation. Where time is critical we must not rely on our best instincts, but instead turned to learned practices.  To assist you in this, we will look at setting up and delivering a personal evacuation plan, as well as looking at the various methods of implementing a PEEP. Our team of experts will consult and prepare the PEEP for you, taking into account your needs. Training is also part of the service we provide.