Fire Hydrant Testing

Fire Hydrant Testing

by Mick O'Brien

Fire Hydrant Repairs & Replacement

If you have a fire hydrant on your site, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is in good working condition and able to deliver fire fighting water in emergencies.

We can offer inspection and testing of your hydrants, as well as certifying that your hydrants are operational. If we find that the condition of any of your hydrants may impact its use, then we can also offer to repair or replace them, giving you peace of mind that your services are fully prepared if the worst should happen.

Your Responsibility

Making sure that your hydrants are well maintained and in good working condition has wide reaching implications.

Your business:

✔ Should ensure that your hydrants are capable of delivering fire fighting water at the required pressure and flow to fight a fire.
✔ Should ensure that your hydrants can be accessed and operated properly.
✔ Should bear in mind that in addition to good maintenance, county fire brigades encourage organisations to have their hydrants properly signed and plated to allow fast and easy identification, particularly at night.
✔ May find that it is a condition of your insurance policy that your private hydrants are tested and checked on a regular basis.
We can help you to get on top of your responsibilities and make sure that you’re safe and prepared should your hydrants need to be operated.