Wet Chemical Extinguishers

Wet Chemical Extinguishers

by Mick O'Brien

Suitable For

 Cooking Oil

Not Suitable For:

 Electrical Fires

Possible Uses:

Kitchens, Restaurants
A must for all kitchens where cooking oil or fat is used in large quantities at high temperatures (e.g. deep frying), our wet chemical extinguishers are the ideal way of tackling Class F, kitchen related fires. They release a fine spray directly on to the flames to dampen the fire, whilst the chemicals react with the burning cooking oil or fat and form a seal, forcing it to cool.
These extinguishers are a necessity for any food preparation facility and can also be used in conjunction with other fire extinguishers to deliver complete protection against a range of fires. The dedicated team at Elite Fire can offer you expert help and advice, ensuring you meet all your legal and contractual obligations. So contact us today for more information!