Evacuation Plans

Evacuation Plans

by Mick O'Brien

We at Fire Safety Ireland produce evacuation plans for numerous customers, on-demand and with flexibility of their own design. Emergency evacuation plans are developed to ensure the safest and least evacuation time of all expected occupants of a structure. These include alarm signals, location of the fire extinguishers, Assembly point, Defibrillator etc.

We specialize in providing safety plans and emergency evacuation plans and drafting services for commercial, residential, industrial, Educational, shopping malls etc. We do all site specific evacuation plans like school evacuation plans, workplace safety plans, hotel fire evacuation plans, building emergency evacuation plans.

The inputs required to develop these plans are pdf or jpg files containing the architectural background, location of the various symbols like Fire extinguisher, Elevators, stairs, Evacuation stairs, Fire alarm, you are here, logo etc.
We have 26 years experience in this industry and are equipped to handle larger as well as smaller volume of works within a predetermined time frame and faster turnaround with high quality standards. We deliver low cost but high precision drafting services to our client’s by using the technical skills of our qualified and experienced team of professionals.