Foam Inlet Systems

Foam Inlet Systems

by Mick O'Brien

Why use foam for fire suppression?

Foam is used whenever there is a possibility of a liquid fire. The Foam will mix with water and then expand over the liquid that is on fire, cool the fire, and will finally suffocate it.

Used in:

✔ Flammable Liquid Storage
✔ Loading Racks
✔ Processing Areas
✔ Refineries
✔ Aircraft Hangars
✔ LNG Storage/Manufacturing
✔ Marine Applications
✔ Warehouses

Foam fire sprinkler systems offer a proven technology for the control of burning flammable liquids. Foam fire sprinkler systems operate by mixing a foam concentrate at specific proportions with water to create a foam blanket that smothers a fire. The distribution of a foam blanket over a flammable liquid will extinguish a fire by eliminating the fire’s oxygen supply and provide a cooling effect on the burning fuel.