Powder Extinguishers

Powder Extinguishers

by Mick O'Brien

Suitable For

 Flammable Liquids
 Electrical Hazards

Not Suitable For:

 Confined Spaces

Possible Uses:

General purpose most locations
Our powdered fire extinguishers are ideal for use on electrical, oil and chemical fires, as well as being an effective method of combatting fires involving flammable liquids and gases. They contain a dry powdered material which makes them an effective tool against Class A, Class B and Class C fires and their versatile nature makes them particularly suitable for multi-risk environments.
These extinguishers are a necessity for any food preparation facility and can also be used in conjunction with other fire extinguishers to deliver complete protection against a range of fires. The dedicated team at Fire Safety Ireland can offer you expert help and advice, ensuring you meet all your legal and contractual obligations. So contact us today for more information!